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sharmin Akther
Apr 09, 2022
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reviews can generate business and possibly links, especially if they come from a trusted resource. 47. Get testimonials what is your strategy for collecting feedback from your audience? Reach out to happy relationships regularly and ask for a testimonial on their website with a link to your homepage. 48. Use reciprocal links with caution there is a lot of debate company employee list about reciprocal linking (I.E. I link to you and you link back to me). The bottom line is that if you're linking to similar and relevant websites, that might not be a bad thing. Think of it as adding value to each other's website. Example: if you are a real estate agent, you may have a community resource page of helpful businesses in the area, such as local lawyers. By extension, one of these attorneys may also have a resource page or blog post on helpful resources for their audience, such as real estate agents. 49. Develop the relationship with existing links websites that have already been company employee list linked to your website can be linked again. Is there another page on your website that they might also be interested in linking to? Reach out and offer something. 50. On the “not to do” list: buy links white hat means never buying links, never hiding links in widgets, and avoiding anything that would violate google's guidelines. See google's link schemes page to learn more:any link intended to manipulate a site's pagerank or ranking in google search results may be considered part of a linking scheme and a violation of google's webmaster guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outbound links from your site. Remember, there really isn't an "Under the radar" company employee list approach that works for link building, certainly not for long. Google has years of fighting link spam; it's probably nothing they haven't seen before. Can you do it and google won't catch you? Perhaps. But if a competitor catches you and reports you to google.

sharmin Akther

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